Question & Answer:

Who are you and where do you study? My name is MJ and I study medicine in Louisiana

When did you start studying medicine or premed courses? I went to college Biology/pre-med and chose my undergraduate program for their strong pre-medical department. I ended up double minoring in chemistry and spanish. I graduated in 2014, and started medical school that fall.. 
What made you choose the medical field? I've been interested in medicine since I was a child, primarily because my mother is a nurse. When we were younger we spent a lot of time at a few of her jobs at nursing homes (#singleparentprobs) and that peaked my initial interest. I used to flip through her nursing books as a child looking at all the pictures. My favorite was the maternal and child one, I'm pretty sure I knew where babies came from before most of my peers, LOL! But I've just always wanted to be a doctor and help people, I think watching my mother take care of others played a huge role in that.

How did you come up with your blog name/username? It was a struggle, I teetered between a few different ones but ultimately felt like this one was catchy and a good descriptor. 

How would you describe your blog? It's my chance to provide a unique perspective as female URM in medicine. I hope it inspires and encourages others, and will serve as a positive outlet for me.

What’s your favorite quote? THIS is tough, I have so many. 
"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"
"I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession.." -HRC

Best memory in medical school? White Coat Ceremony, hands down. Receiving my step 1 score is a close second.

What’s one course you struggled with? Anatomy was tough and to top it off I hated the anatomy lab, it definitely took a great deal of time and dedication. There was so much information and times when I felt like it would never click, but luckily it finally did just in the nick of time. 

What’s your favorite book? To Kill A Mockingbird

What do you do in your free time?  Free time? What’s that? Just kidding, I enjoy hanging out with my puppy Bella, going to festivals, brunching, watching TGIT on Thursdays (the whole line up), shopping, reading, and of course catching up on sleep. 

What do you want to major or specialize in? I'll let you know in T minus 2 months :)

Who do you look up to? My mother, she has overcome struggles I couldn't even begin to explain, but has never let adversity keep her down. 

How do you study (productively)? Small group or independently, I'm a visual learner so I prefer to read and watch videos but of course I've had to incorporate a ton of questions. I also found making flow charts and concept maps super helpful for some of the more complex topics. If you let me, I'll make a flow chart for everything! lol

How do you stay motivated in medical school? I stay motivated by serving others whether it’s through a community health fair, working at our student run homeless clinics, or on a rotation. Interacting with patients and knowing I made a difference whether it was through explaining their pathology, explaining the mechanism of action of a medication, or just listening to them, rejuvenates and inspires me. It also keeps me humble and reminds me why I did this crazy thing called medicine again. 

What are your best tips for future medical students? Stay encouraged. Figure out how you study best early on. Run your own race. You deserve to be here. Stay encouraged. Take care of yourself. Make time for your family and friends. Do not isolate yourself. If you need help, ask. Stay encouraged. 

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